Saturday, October 10, 2009

Battilda Soo Spookstone

There’s an old woman who lives deep in Spookstone Hollar I hear is a witch! The hollar itself was named after her family & they either died out or moved off long ago but she stayed. I heared she had a fellar & he did her wrong. He left out or should I say he ain’t been found to this very day. Her name is Battildah Soo Spookstone & she is a sight if you ever get to lay eyes on her. With it being close to Halloween just keep your eyes peeled to the sky & watch for that shadow that crosses the moon, that’ll be Battildah. And for all you men that do yer women wrong… well, story goes all a wronged woman has to do is go out on a clear night & call to the breeze. Yep, lots of ol boys have come up missing here bouts. So let this be a lesson to you men folk. Treat yer woman right or you will see a swarm of black bats coming at ya & right smack dab in the middle of them bats will be Battildah & she will be in foul mood. Nobody knows what happens next. Nobody wants to find out….
$ money given to 2nd Hand Pets

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