Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spivy Spiderwack

EEEKKK did you see that shadow? Either that was a gigantic bat or it was ol Spivy Spiderwack out for a gasp of evening air. Yep it was Spivy, cruising across the moon making wicked silhouettes on the ground below. This gal has got it going on she has a flocked webbing ruffle at the hem and a to die for bustle on the back of her frock. She does have a prominent profile also. A few black spiders have made the excursion with her so if you're afeared of spiders you may not want Spivy Spiderwack calling on you this Hallows Eve. Spivy herself is 17 inches but measuring her dress tail she is a tad longer. Her arms are wired on and the broom is tied at her bum and knees. A hang-tag with my original limerick is hitched on for the ride. SOLD!!! Texas Bound
YeeeHaw! Junie and Tina have been forstered. They are not in boarding anymore hopefully soon they will get a forever home.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I will listing a new witch Sunday night. So be on the watchout for her, her name is Spivy Spiderwack. Pictures to come soon.

A note from Lainee Bugg our little foster haint. "Looks at me now!" "My eye has gots all betters, no more icky stuff hast to be squirted in it! Why yes, dat is a new collar I has on tanks for noticing."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Octoveeah Took

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here is my latest Her name is Mawsee Tombston, and check out that go to meeting hat!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Keep an eye out chillin'. Mawsee Tombston will be appearing in technicolor before your eyes on ebay soon. Ol Mawsee is the classic crone flying her broomstick.
Materializing for your viewing pleasure is Vahynee Nightshade (Pronounced Viney) and her familiar little cat Minnee in a framework of fall berries, flowers and a plaid pumpkin. Ms Vahynee sits in her festive colors amid the 16-inch autumn Grapevine wreath. Vahynee is 26-inches from the tip of her hat to the train of her dress. Minnee hangs out among the berries hissing and spitting at any Hobb-goblin that comes near. A hang-tag with my original limerick is hitched on for the ride. No pattern was used for this doll she is my own twisted mind design. This OOAK witch, cat and wreath would look bootiful on your Harvest Home this season. AUCTION ENDED SOLD!!

I have groovy gal on e-bay named Vahynee Nightshade. The auction end date is Monday the 17th so check her out... This auction is for Tina and Junie (just look at those faces) 2 beautiful girls who have been passed up several times. Help out with their boarding and little extras that make their lives comfy until that special person comes in and adopts them.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

auction ended

Beadrys Joouhlweed.
Hello all
I have a new giol on Ebay so check her out. All the money goes to Tessa and other sencond hand pets. By the way the animals angel whose name is Missy has her own website now so here is the address and please stop by. There is great info on it plus heart warming success stories.