Sunday, September 6, 2009

We made it offical Lanee Bugg is now one of the family, we adopted her last week. Lanee joins Abbigayle, IzzeBelle, Aullyver and all the cats, let me get a breath here-- Spooky Tooth, Rose, Drucilla, Butterbean, Cornbread, Iggy, Stardust, Bittersweet, Roach, John Henry, Booger, Ratty kat, and last and the least String Bean. Whew that was like naming Santas Reindeer.

I listed a new witch tonight, it goes like this....
It ain’t easy being green altho Creepy Murtle Greengrimmace makes the best out of it. Seems like the closer it gets to Halloween the greener Murt gets. She wears her best girly girl sparkle dress that really shimmers in the moonlit nights. A glitter jol is on the front of her attire since this is her ‘mostest’ favorite bewitching holiday. Murt is about 17 inches long and sits a broom very lady-like. Her arms are wired on so that they can move up and down. The broom is tied at her bum and knees. She is carrying a Jack o Lantern Ornament, The hatband is leather and a nice little jewelry finding is attached as a buckle. .