Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This was my last witch for the 2009 Haunting season she is off to Texas. Thank you S.E. you are a wonderful collector and when it comes to the furbabies your generosity is boundless. Keep a watch on this blog for the 2010 RaggyBelle I have a new idea. Have a SOULful Halloween everyone.
Someone asked me not to forget about the cats, so I found this little guy. His story is on pet finder too, this is just a little portion.
Sammy, a 9-10 week old kitten, came to the rescue on 9/10/09 and went straight to the vet's office for treatment. He was taken in by a nice couple after they found him outside their home unable to use his back legs. They knew he would be euthanized at the local kill shelter so they contacted us to take him in. After being examined by the vet it was determined the only thing broken was one rib, but he did have a huge abscess on his back very close to his spinal cord. The vet suspects he was attacked and shook by a dog, which is what caused the abscess. The vet started Sammy on antibiotics to help with the infection and hoped this would improve his ability to use his rear legs.

This is where part of the money from Persimmon was donated.. I copied this from Darma's page on petfinder. Dont forget shelter dogs die every hour adopt love please!!!!
Darma has been diagnosed with Glaucoma in both eyes. Medications were started, but sadly, one eye became so severe and painful that it had to be surgically removed. Darma's remaining eye has responded well to medications administered several times per day. The hope is that Darma will continue to do well on her medications and she will be able to keep her vision in her remaining eye.
Cincinnati, OH