Friday, July 3, 2009

Early 2009 it dawned on me I had become stagnant with my dolls and paintings, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. Finally I did some soul searching and came to the conclusion I wasn’t doing my crafting for myself anymore. I was doing it for money. So I decided to keep doing it for money but do it for a cause. And what better cause is God’s beautiful creatures that most of us call pets and "family". There are so many animals mistreated, misused and thrown away by uncaring humans. We are the caretakers of animals. So please if you plan to add a pet to your family, check out the breed thoroughly before you bring it in to your home. I have know people take in an animal because it was precious or powerful looking only to find out the pet was not what they expected. The new wore off, or it messed in the floor because it was not being taken outside and the people surrendered it to the local shelter, and thats the best case scenario. Animals are like having children for life and I love them for it and they will give you unconditional love back.
My husband and I are supporters of Animal adoption programs. We have 2 Rottweilers and 1 Fawn Doberman (our children) and several cats that have wandered up to the house. All our animals are rescue.

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